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Serax makes your home look more beautiful, adds personality to your interior, and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, they work with only passionate designers all over the globe to manufacture exclusive products created by skilled craftsmen who respect each element of design.



As an international designers platform, Serax’s collections are unique in shape, material and style. Serax is a daily search for beauty, for good things that add value to living and create a home that brings happiness. To experience, to share, and to discover. This is Serax. Honouring family roots and believe craftsmanship is the only way.


From perfectly shaped geometrical forms, through eclectic combinations of various styles to reinvented reproductions of Nature’s design in all its perfect imperfection. Every Serax tableware collection is unique in colour, appearance, design and material, but there is one thing they all have in common. They are created with passion and produced traditionally, always aimed at lifting your guests’ dining experience to the highest possible level.


Cooking … a daily ritual that for many of us is more than just providing a basic need. The new Serax Cookware line is ideal for all enthusiasts of delicious no-fuss cooking. Whether you opt for the lightweight aluminium cooking pots from the Pure series or the more robust cast iron Surface for Serax pots and pans, with this cookware you are opting for beauty and the ease of use of materials that are suitable for all common heat sources.